Our focus is approximately 3 hours a day on Quranic studies (reading, memorization, daily Arabic, tajwid). Islamic Studies classes are complemented by daily gems shared during the morning gathering and group salah/ prayer in an environment that encourages Islamic adab/manners.

Boys science

Academic classes, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science, meet and exceed Common Core standards. Enrichment classes include Islamic studies, Art, and Physical Education.

Experienced and certified teachers are creative in the delivery of learning to students.

Golden chain

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Annual Fee: $6,400

Registration fee: $400 new / $350 returning

Sibling discounts are 10% off for 2nd child and 20% off for 3rd (or more)

Limited financial aid available; click button below to start application process. Financial aid applications must be submitted and in good -standing by July 15. No applications will be considered after that time.

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