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What We Do Differently

Carriers of Light is a full-time Islamic school for grades pre-school through 6th.  We focus approximately 60 % of the school day on Academics and 40% on Quranic studies (reading, memorization, and tajwid). In addition to Islamic Studies classes, character education and reminders about good manners are woven throughout the day. Arabic classes for all grade levels strengthen the Quranic foundation.


Inspiring the Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Working together with parents, educators, and the greater community
to foster the next generation of Muslim-American leaders grounded in their faith and values.

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What we do differently

Carriers of Light is a full-time Islamic school for grades pre-school through 6th.  Our focus balances academics and Quranic studies (reading, memorization, and tajwid). 

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- Some Parent

"Jumaana started attending Carriers of Light in 2013 when she was in Grade 2 and has been attending the school since then. The school to be excellent for the students in terms of the Qur'anic  education that they were receiving, the Tarbiyah, and the general atmosphere."
- Farooq


Providing a nurturing environment in which social/emotional and physical skills can develop and flourish


This is the perfect time to lay the foundation for future success in the quest for spiritual and academic knowledge.

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