We are pleased to announce that Carriers of Light has purchased the building at 1920 S. Highland Ave. in Lombard!

Currently a vacant 3-story, 53,000 square foot office building, this location provides a blank canvas to build the ideal learning environment for our students and teachers and allows for controlled growth in enrollment and programs offered in the years to come.

We would like to thank the families, donors, and volunteers whose time, energy, and monetary contribution and Du’a have allowed us to reach this point. And we will continue to seek Allah’s (SWT) as we progress through fundraising, design and construction.


We had many criteria as we started our facility search in earnest a year ago.

  • Significantly larger classroom area for a better learning environment (while maintaining existing class sizes)
  • Specialized, dedicated facilities including:
  • Multipurpose Room and/or Gymnasium
  • Library and student collaboration spaces
  • Dedicated Musalla and Quran program spaces
  • Science and Art spaces
  • Purpose-built Pre-K and KG classrooms
  • Secure entrances
  • Additional admin, nursing, teacher offices and lounge spaces
  • Improved pickup/drop-off circulation and parking to support current enrollment and future growth.
  • Improved outdoor recreational facilities.

There were two other key criteria as we evaluated options:

  • A facility option that would be ready for occupancy as soon as possible

  • A facility where the total purchase and renovation cost was a responsible use of the funds entrusted to us by our families and donors


The building was well managed by the current owner and is in overall good condition for its age, but the project requires a complete interior demolition and remodel to make it appropriate for school use and bring it up to current fire and safety codes. Additionally, we need to reconfigure the south side parking lot to accommodate the outdoor play area and pickup queueing lanes.

Project completion will be tied directly to our ability to fundraise for the project. It is possible to move in by the beginning of the 2025-2026 school year if we can begin construction this summer and maintain consistent progress.


We will have more accurate project estimates this Fall when we get more detailed bids from contractors.

The total building purchase cost, including transaction costs (inspections, appraisals, legal fees, conditional use hearing fees) is estimated to be $2.72 million.

Renovation costs will vary depending on the specific layout chosen but will likely be $3.5-4.5 million dollars.

Alhamdulillah, this is an incredible value to the community to be able to complete a 53k square foot facility for a fraction of the cost of recent construction projects in the community.

How will this project impact tuition?

Tuition at COL is designed to cover operational expenses. Funds to complete this capital project will be raised separately.

How can I help?

There are many things you can do to support this project:

Donate Now!
  • Continue to make abundant Du’a for the success of this undertaking. Make Du’a for those that have (and will) volunteer their time, talents, and wealth to see this project to completion.
  • Raise awareness of this project among your social circle and families.
  • Think of how you can contribute to the success of this project. We will, of course, need you to contribute financially, but we also need talented people to help with fundraising, communications, and events.


Conceptual Designs Below

Current layout of the first floor is configured for multiple small offices. We would remove the interior walls, bring the structure up to current safety codes and redevelop it like the concept above.


The second (above) and third (below) floors would have similar classroom layouts and other common amenities, like STEAM areas, the Musalla, and Gymnasium (pending structural evaluation)





Outdoor Sketch Below


Preliminary layout of 12,000 sqft outdoor recreation area