Aman Alcharbji

Aman Alcharbji currently serves as the Principal of Carriers of Light, drawing upon her extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field of education. With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, she embodies a commitment to academic excellence and professional growth. Additionally, Aman holds a secondary teaching license for mathematics in the State of Illinois, reflecting her dedication to fostering learning opportunities. Her instructional expertise has been honed through teaching mathematics in diverse educational settings across various countries. In 2004, Aman obtained her Quran certification (Ejaza) from Sheikh Abo Alhasan Alkurdi in Syria, further enriching her educational background. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to teaching Tajweed & Quran through personalized one-on-one sessions, weekend schools, and various Quran programs. As the founding teacher of Carriers of Light, Aman is deeply passionate about instilling a love for Quranic learning from a young age, firmly believing in its transformative power to enrich lives and pave the way for success, both worldly and spiritual. When not engaged in educational pursuits, Aman finds solace in the serenity of nature or cherishes moments spent with loved ones. Her unwavering dedication and passion for nurturing the young Muslim generation epitomizes her steadfast commitment to educational excellence.


Khadija Basith: Instructional Coach

Qurat Asad: Office Administrator

Lunch Supervisors:

Rania Rahman, Annoshia Usman, and Noureen Youas

Quran Teachers:

Batul Mirza

Khadija Ahmed

Chaza Alkasier

Samira Alkhateeb

Gufran Shami

Arabic Teachers:

Sana Khan

Islamic Studies Teachers:

Soofia Ahmed

Elementary Department:

Aqsa Hashmi: 1st-6th grade art teacher

Saba Umer: 5th-6th grade teacher 

Dania Zeini: 5th-6th grade math teacher

Sabah Memon: 4th grade teacher

Rehab Hussain: 3rd grade teacher

Maisaa Diab: 2nd grade teacher

Sabeeha Quader: 1st grade teacher

Marwa Abdelwahab: 1st-2nd grade teacher

Husna Khan: Kindergarten teacher

Shaden Sahloul: Kindergarten teacher

Mayraj Quraishi: Preschool-Pre-K teacher

Manal Alkubaisi: Preschool-Pre-K teacher

Batul Mirza

Ms. Batul is a Qur’an teacher and teaches the Tajweed class for grades 3rd to 6th. Batul holds a graduate degree in Computer Science, but she is extremely passionate about learning and teaching Qur’an. She formally completed recitation of the entire Quran under the supervision of Ms Kinda Akkad, a Quran-certified (Ijaza holder) from Sheikh Mohammed Al Kurdi, Syria. Batul herself received a Quran certification (Ijaza) from Sheikh Taha Sukkar in 2015. She has been on the COL Quran team since 2012. Batul has over 10 years of experience teaching Quran to children.

Her daughter Jumaana has been part of our COL family for 4 years and has memorized more than 15 ajza’ mashaAllah. Her toddler son, Yusuf is part of the Carriers of Light babysitting “class” and hopes to be a future student inshaAllah.

Khadija Ahmed

Ms. Khadija teaches 3rd – 6th grade Quran Review. She was born in Pakistan and received her Associate degree from Saint Lawrence College in Karachi, Pakistan in 1992. She has lived in Chicago for 19 years. She has been teaching the Qur’an to children and adults since 2001. Khadija received a Tajweed certificate from the Muslim Education Center in Morton Grove, certified by Ms. Aziz B. Ali in 2008. This is her second year teaching at Carriers of Light.

Khadija also loves to teach the Qur’an to children and women at home. She enjoys reading Islamic books and always spends quality time with her family and cat.

Marwa Abdelwahab

Ms. Marwa is a 3rd – 6th grade Quran & Tajweed teacher. She worked for three years at MLA Sunday School as Quran and Islamic studies teacher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Egypt. Marwa has always passionate about teaching how to read the Holy Quran to non-Arabic speakers applying the Tajweed rules. She studied Tajweed for 3 years years in Hia Institute, Dubai, UAE. She has a certification in Advanced Tajweed from MAS Institute, Bridgeview, IL.

Marwa likes oriental food, and she loves to read whenever she has free time.