COL Full-time Islamic School


Our vision is to nurture righteous Carriers of Light who choose to better their world, with a foundation of strong faith, broad knowledge, and the Prophetic teachings.

Knowledgeable * Well-mannered *

Practicing * Leaders


Carriers of Light inspires our students to make the study of Qur’an part of their daily lives, a lifelong endeavor started in their youth, along with, not instead of, their secular studies and other activities.

Meet our Teachers and Staff

Core Values:

  •     Quran – centered

  •     Strong academically

  •     Islamic tarbiyah­-driven

  •     Quality over quantity

  •     Well­-rounded program

  •     Positive and happy atmosphere

Strengths of the COL Quran Teaching Method

1- Low students/teacher ratio.

2- Positive Environment (encouraging and loving)

3- Emphasis on correct pronunciation and reading of the Quran.

4- Gradually leading students to develop  tajwid skills.

5- Aiming for strong memorization by providing a system for attaching and testing the new memorization.

6- Providing the opportunity for students to review and test their old memorization.

7- Assisting in building one’s relationship with the Quran by incorporating reflections on verses and Quranic Vocabulary.

8- Providing the experience of the Quran companions / spirit of friendship through the group memorization method.


  • Ten of our students have completed their hifdh of the entire Quran

  • COL students received 1st and 2nd place awards at the MAS-ICNA Qur’an competition for the 1/4th of the Qur’an category (Oct, 2011)

  • COL Students received the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards at the ISNA Qur’an competition for the 5 juz category