May 21, 2018


Ms. Aman Alcharbji

The month of Ramadan casted very beautiful colors on our school. We counted down to the month together with our students. The students were very excited to open the envelop at their morning meeting every day to learn an interesting fact about Ramadan. Suhur Drum, Masjid Paper Decoration, Dua Jar, and Ramadan Giving Plate were some of the craft projects that were planned and prepared by our mothers from the PTO, and which our students enjoyed doing with their friends at school. In addition to preparing and passing out candy jars as gifts for our neighbors, every child decorated his/her own Masjid tote. We then filled the totes with some goodies and gifted them to the students on the first day of Ramadan. Parents told me that their children were so eager to go to the masjid at night, and that’s exactly what we wanted!

While we were building up the beautiful spirit to welcome our special guest, we didn’t neglect the knowledge aspect. Students completed age-appropriate units about the Month of Ramadan with their Islamic Studies teachers. Additionally, our upper elementary students worked on personalized Ramadan journals where they wrote down their daily schedule, dua list, and other personal goals for the month. They paired up with an accountability buddy, so they can follow up and support one another.  


To accommodate the Night Prayers, Taraweeh, we started our school at 10:00 am in Ramadan and shortened the day to be 6 hours. We also allowed “No Uniform” during Ramadan, so students can were their Thaub/Abaya or any nice outfit in celebration of this great month. On the last day before Ramadan, we gathered everyone in the cafeteria and we acted siting the Moon of Ramadan together.


May Allah accept everyone’s effort and bless our Ramadan. 

Ms. Aman Alcharbji

Carriers of Light Principal