For our students grade 7 and up, we are offering our reputable Quran Program, alongside a guided academic homeschooling option.

● Subjects at COL with peers would include

■ Quran

■ Arabic

■ Tajweed

■ Islamic Studies

■ PE and

■ Art

Keystone Online School will be made available on COL premises to supplement academics

● Subjects through The Keystone School would include

■ Language Arts

■ Math,

■ Social Studies

■ Science

● About Online Learning Schooling (OLS):

  • Online Learning is self paced, so the students can watch the webinars in the morning, evening and weekends or whenever they choose.

  • There are no textbooks

  • It is not teacher led

  • There will be some videos and if the students have questions they can email their questions

Our on-site Academic Proctor will:

● Promote time efficiency of school hours

● Facilitate a smooth transition between Morning Quran program and Afternoon Academic program

● Instill a model of kind and cooperative conduct between students

● Instruct students on how to use the OLS

● Train students to become disciplined, independent learners

● Facilitate connection to online teachers

● Facilitate academic intervention when necessary (extra help)

● Hold a parent orientation at the beginning of the academic year

● Conference with parents, as needed, to promote academic improvement

● Initiate a clear homework system

The cost of program will be $5750 with a $350 registration fee.