Light the Way On Giving Tuesday!

December 1, 2020


Our Story

Each of our students is a “Carrier of Light”, a child that is striving to learn and live Quran through love and light, and take that brightness into a hopeful future.

Our program is unique and unprecedented. We combine traditional Quranic Memorization (Hifz) with a robust and creative academic portfolio, resulting in a balance of the spiritual and secular. Quran is the heartbeat of our school, with academics as the backbone. We strive to establish a warm and positive environment for our students to grow. At COL, we truly are “one big family”.

Carriers of Light had its humble beginnings in the basement of a mom who wanted a different way to bring hifz and academics into her daughter’s life, without having to give up one for the other. Today we have a full-fledged school, on the brink of state accreditation!

How Can You Help Light Our Way?

Facebook will be matching up to $7 million of funds raised for US nonprofits, and we hope to benefit from that!

This year, we are doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Our goal is FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY so we are not dependent on donations, but rather use them to enrich what we are already doing.

Towards that end, we would like to establish a waqf / endowment in the form of an investment that generates returns to augment our tuition revenue. All donations raised on GIVING TUESDAY will be earmarked for our endowment fund and count as an ongoing charity / sadaqa jariya for YOU!

These funds will grow for COL in the dunya and grow for you in the akhira.

Traditionally, Muslim organizations (mosques, hospitals, etc) funded themselves through such endowments to cover their expenses. We hope to revive this tradition and decrease the burden on our community through financial planning that is focused on sustainability.

Please help us in this endeavor by giving generously to COL this Giving Tuesday Dec. 1st. Donations can be made through a variety of means, but those that go through our Facebook page at exactly 7 am CENTRAL on that day have the highest chance of being matched.

Please DM us to pledge in advance so that we can ensure your donation is matched. You can also make non-matched donations through our website.

Be a part of it…help light our way on Giving Tuesday.

May Allah reward you.