Teacher Bios

Ms. Mayraj

Bio: Ms. Mayraj is a Art and PE teacher at Carriers of Light.  She also co-teaches in the Early Childhood program with Ms. Saima.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has 8 years of experience in the field of Education.  She enjoys working with children and is always working towards improving her skills and broaden her horizon.

Ms. Saima Ahmed

Bio: Ms. Saima Ahmed was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she studied elementary education. Though it was her dream to teach in the Chicago Public School District, Allah had better plans for her.
She taught at Averroes Academy in Northbrook, Illinois from 2005 to 2008. She stepped away from teaching when she was expecting her first child, but could not stay away for long. She began her own home daycare in 2010 and ran it successfully until 2013. 
Ms. Saima has been an enthusiastic member of the Carriers of Light family as both a teacher and a parent. She currently teaches the pre-K and kindergarten classes. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to teach her lessons and uses a variety of techniques and materials to cater to the various learning styles in her class.

Ms. Batul

Bio: Batul Mirza is a Qur'an teacher at Carriers of Light. She also teaches the Tajweed class for grades 3rd to 6th. Batul holds a Graduate Degree in Computer Science, but she is extremely passionate about learning and teaching Qur'an. She formally completed recitation of the entire Qur'an under the supervision of Ms Kinda Akkad, an Ijaza Holder from Sheikh Mohammed Al Kurdy, Syria. Batul also received an Ijaza from Sheikh Taha Sukkar, in 2015. She has been on board with the COL Quran team since 2012. Batul has over 10 years of experience in teaching Quran to children.
Her daughter Jumaana has been part of our COL family for 4 years and has memorized more than 15 ajza' mashaAllah. Her toddler son, Yusuf is part of the Carriers of Light babysitting “class” and hopes to be a future student inshaAllah.

Aman Alcharbji

Bio: Aman Alcharbji possesses a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She is a certified math teacher in the State of Illinois.  Aman received her Quran certification (Ejaza) in 2004 from Sheikh Abo Alhasan Alkurdi in Syria. She taught Tajweed & Quran in one-to-one sessions, weekend school and in different Quran programs. She has taught Math in various schools and countries. Aman has more than 13 years of experience in teaching, and is currently the principal of Carriers of Light School, Wheaton. When she is not teaching, you can find Aman taking a walk in the nature or spending some time with family and friends. Her dedication and love for teaching the young Muslim generation cannot be missed.  Aman was the founder teacher at Carriers of light. She strongly believe that learning the Quran at early age give baraka and light and help the person succeed in this life and hereafter inshallah.

Khadija Ahmed

Bio: Khadija Ahmed was born in Pakistan and received her Associate degree from Saint Lawrence College in Karachi, Pakistan in 1992. She came to Chicago and has been here for 20 years. She has been teaching the Qur’an to children and adults since 2001. Khadija received a Tajweed Certificate from the Muslim Education Center in Morton Grove, certified by Ms. Aziz B. Ali in 2008. Here at Carriers of Light, Khadija is a Qur’an review teacher, This is her third year teaching at Carriers of Light. Khadija also loves to teach the Qur’an to children and women at home. She enjoys reading Islamic books and always spends quality time with her family and cat.

Marwa Abdelwahab

Bio: Marwa had her bachelor degree in Microbiology, and Family Consultation Diploma from Egypt.Marwa lived in Dubai for about Seven years during that time Marwa studied Tajweed, and Quraan sciences.Marwa came to the US four years ago, and got her certificate in advanced Tajweed from MAS Institute in Bridgeview Il, and intermediate reading Ijazah.Marwa loves to teach young kids how to read The Holy Quraan, and can spend hours and hours on that.This year is Marwa’s 3rd year in COL.Marwa took many educational online courses, as she loves teaching so much.Marwa spend her favorite time in reading, and she admires cats.

Ms. Saba

Bio: Ms. Saba works for Carriers of Light, as well as other well-known organizations such as Blessed Bonds, River Garden Elementary, Islamic Foundation School and Kumon Learning Centers.
She was born and brought up in Canada and acquired her Bachelors of Science in Applied Health Studies with a minor in Humanities, from the University of Waterloo. She started her teaching career as a Training and Development Specialist and then moved on to teach Language Arts, Science, History, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies at the elementary and middle school levels. She has been teaching for over a decade and has enjoyed every moment of it.