Mommy & Me Virtual Preschool 

We are very excited to offer a unique and engaging Mommy & Me Virtual Preschool Program; includes academics, Quran, and Arabic. We designed it in a way that serves the developmental needs of our preschoolers who are missing out on the experience of attending in-person programs, and supports the mothers who are excited about learning with their little ones at home. With 4 live and interactive virtual sessions every week, and additional carefully selected and designed learning activities to be completed independently, we hope that you will feel more confident that you have the support, guidance and resources you need to have a meaningful time with your special preschooler at home!

Our program is lead by our experienced and passionate teachers: Mayraj Quraishi & Lamis Alkassar.

Registration now open for classes starting Jan. 4, 2021. Sign-up is for a 2-month block. Spots are limited.

Regular registration is for academics, Quran, and Arabic programs.

To enroll in Quran & Arabic program only, use the promo code QuranOnly

To enroll in Academics program only, use the promo code AcademicsOnly


Circles of Light Quran Program (Afterschool & Weekend)

Pandemic can’t stop our students’ progress! Here’s Ayesha Gheith reciting her 6 juz review to her teacher over zoom. Eyes closed to confirm no peeking!

Carriers of Light is pleased to announce its long awaited online Quran program with both weekdays, and weekend options. Our goal is to offer our unique Quran program for public school students as well homeschooled students.

Second semester starts Jan. 4, 2020 and is now open. Spots limited. Questions:

Quran Track Program for 6th Grade & Up 

Students who are proficient readers of Quran and have the discipline to work independently with focus and patience on are ideal candidates for our Quran Track program.

They will work with our Quran teachers on site during school hours. Academics are managed separately by the student and their family.

QT students are encouraged to memorize at least a page a day and to review a minimum of 4-5 pages daily.

They should also be capable of passing full juzu’ tests and are expected to apply all tajweed rules in their recitation.