Our Mission

Carriers of Light inspires our students to make the study of Qur’an part of their daily lives, a lifelong endeavor started in their youth, along with, not instead of, their academic studies and other activities.


Our vision is to nurture righteous Carriers of Light who choose to better their world, with a foundation of strong faith, broad knowledge, and the Prophetic teachings

Knowledgeable, Well-Mannered, and Practicing Leaders

What We Do Differently

Carriers of Light is a full-time Islamic school for grades pre-school through 6th.  We focus approximately 60 % of the school day on Academics and 40% on Quranic studies (reading, memorization, tajwid, and Arabic). In addition to Islamic Studies classes, character education and reminders about good manners are woven throughout the day. Arabic classes for all grade levels strengthen the Quranic foundation.

Academic classes focus on Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, meeting and exceeding Common Core standards. Our small class sizes allow opportunities for differentiation and individualized attention. Our class sizes in early childhood cap at 10 students per teacher, and 15 per teacher in elementary school to ensure every child receives the attention they deserve. Enrichment classes include Art, Physical Education, Islamic Studies, and others. Our qualified and passionate teachers infuse Islamic concepts into academic lessons when possible. You'll find that over 65% of our teachers are specialized in their respective field, and over 80% of them have either a Bachelor's or Master's degree(s) in Education.

Core Values

Qur'an Centered
Strong Academically

Quality Over Quantity
Well­-Rounded Program
Positive & Happy Atmosphere


Providing a nurturing environment in which social/emotional and physical skills can develop and flourish


This is the perfect time to lay the foundation for future success in the quest for spiritual and academic knowledge.