Experiential Learning

We lead by example to let our students taste the sweetness of faith and the beauty of worship

I learned manners at COL by watching how the teachers were all day.”
“COL taught me to do what’s right even if everyone is doing something else.”

-- Former COL Students

Transformative Experience & Spiritual Nurturing

We focus on the social-emotional development of our children

“COL has changed my life by setting my heart to the straight path and learning how to stay on it.”

-- Former COL Students

Rigorous and Faith-Based Academics

We are committed to a culture of excellence in education, while integrating faith into the academic experience

“She jumped right into academics from day one. She is MA doing better in math than her classmates.She is also doing great in language arts and science and social studies. COL gave her a good foundation for the outer world.”

-- Parent of COL Grad

Quranic Achievement

Our Quranic accomplishments far exceed other full-time Islamic schools

“The teachers particularly made this journey so very special. They instilled a love for the quran in our hearts, and helped us all connect with it.”   

-- Former COL Student

The COL Vibe

Ask any teacher or student and they know it. It’s happy and loving. Students want to come to this school and our alumni visit on their days off

"One of the biggest things that impacted my life was the good influence of the people around me. The positive environment encouraged me to be a better person."
“I've realized that most of my best friends I made were at COL. We were like a family to each other. We welcomed new students with warmth and made them feel one of us. The teachers also played a great role at COL for me. All the teachers were patient and kind. The family I had at COL was the best!”

-- Former COL Students