COVID19 Update

April 21, 2020


Dear Friends of COL,

We wanted to reach out to you during this difficult time to tell you that, here at COL, our hearts, minds, and prayers are with our supporters & families.

Your support has helped our organization through some of our toughest times. Your donations enabled us to survive our biggest financial challenge to date. Thank you and may Allah reward you!

Now we want to give back! We are looking for ways to connect with and help our community. We plan to collaborate with organizations working on relief projects to help those impacted by covid19.

We want to hear from you, so please reply to this email!

* How have you been impacted by covid19?
* How can we serve you?
* Do you have suggestions for a project we should collaborate with?

We would be happy to set up a call with one of our board members to further take your input.

Alhamdulillah we are weathering this storm well for now. We:

* successfully transitioned to e-learning
* maintained our payroll as is, without letting anyone go or reducing their salary
* gave parents tuition discounts
* are planning a Ramadan zakat campaign to offer student scholarships for next year

We hope to emerge from this in time to enroll students for next year and get the 2020-21 school year off to a strong start. InshaAllah. Please click this link to update your contact information for our records

Wishing you an upcoming Ramadan Mubarak. May the blessings of this month envelop you.

Carriers of Light Board

April 11, 2020

Assalam Alikum COL Family,

I hope that my emails reaches you in the best state of health and Iman.

We have refined our existing eLearning plan and developed a new one as the COVID-19 health emergency continues. The new guidelines will define Carriers of Light School’s Remote Learning Plan. Remote learning is learning that happens outside of the traditional classroom because the student and teacher are separated by distance and/or time. Remote learning can be real-time or flexibility timed, and it may or may not involve technology.

We recognize these guidelines may need further refinement, but what is set forth in the below document will not change. As teachers work to implement the new guidelines, we call upon everyone to assume flexibility and grace for all. We are also working on preparing a special program for Ramdan, and we welcome any suggestions you might have. At this time, all need to model resilience, critical and creative thinking, and empathy to ensure that students continue to grow personally, academically, and spiritually. Carriers of Light commits to providing further clarification and additional resources insha’Allah.

Here are three documents that will help you understand and support your child's learning. I recommend that you bookmark them for easy referencing:

1- Carriers of Light School’s Remote Learning Plan

2- Suggested Home Learning Schedules

3- Virtual Platforms & Privacy Letter
March 14th, 2020

Assalam alaikum Dear COL families,

Carriers of Light has made the decision to close school beginning on Monday, March 16, until further notice. Although we currently have no confirmed coronavirus cases in our school Alhmdolilah, this decision was made in an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our community. 

E-learning days will begin for students on Tuesday, March 17, CLICK HERE for the list of apps that we will require for your child to receive and submit their lessons and assignments daily.  

We recognize that these are extraordinary circumstances and the hardship of closing schools will be felt by many. We recognize that this will present many challenges in the coming weeks and we must work collaboratively to support one another. 

E-Learning Plan

Our student and staff health is our top priority. In order to be proactive, Carriers of Light leadership and staff are working hard to ensure that we have an effective E-Learning plan in place. 

What steps is COL taking to ensure uninterrupted learning during the days of closed campus?

Admin: Providing plan and training to our teachers on the use of Seesaw and Zoom as a virtual learning and communication tool and ensuring that there are procedures and protocols put in place for proper use.

Teachers: Complete the training, test and pilot the virtual learning environment, know how to use Seesaw and Zoom. Identify tools and platforms to facilitate a virtual learning environment. Set virtual learning expectations and norms for their subject matter and students.

Students: Learn how to access Seesaw and Zoom, review, complete, and turn in assignments, and know the norms and procedures set for them by their teachers.

Parents: Secure online access that is safe, a device for the child to use, and set a dedicated time for academic learning.

What to do if your child does not have access to an iPad/computer?

Please contact and we will help you insha’Allah.  

I wanted to get this message out to you as soon as possible. Detailed plan for the E-Learning with norms and procedures will be sent to the COL community soon.

In times like this, we are particularly grateful for the strength and unity of our community and by Allah’s permission, we can all stay healthy. Please continue to look for further communications from us on this matter.

Jazakum Allah khairan, 

Aman Alcharbji